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Thread: Kiera Knightley’s ex wishes he didn’t date her

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    Default Kiera Knightley’s ex wishes he didn’t date her

    You would think most men would love to say they dated a famous celebrity. This is not the case for actor/model James Dornan who dated the Pirates of Caribbean starlet for two years.
    Dornan says that he, “regrets even dating Keira Knightley, for he’s now more well known for being her ex than for his talents.”
    “People knew me in the fashion world before I started going out with Keira because I’ve done some good work but it’s proving so hard to lose the stigma that’s attached,” Jamie says.
    “I can’t shake off the title of Keira Knightley’s exboyfriend. It frustrates me so much because Dave (Alexander, his band mate in group Sons Of Jim ) and I have been writing music together for five years, before I even met Keira, and getting places with it and creating awareness,” he told to the press.
    He’s probably just ticked off because no one wants to hire him. He’s realizing his already dwindling career is even smaller and has decided to blame it on his ex. He probably only gets jobs now because someone’s like, “Weren’t you the guy that dated that one girl from that one Pirate movie?” And then he says yes, and puts on his chicken costume and parades in front of the Chinese restaurant trying to get people to buy the daily special of Kung Pao chicken.

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    he shouldn't be that alarmed; i've never heard of him

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    Cry me a river.
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    all bound for Koo-Koo Land.....


    LOL! Well, I'd never heard of him until this. Now he's inextricably linked in my mind with Keira. Oh well.........

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    Maybe they should get back together so he can work again.

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    Too bad for him that Marie Antoinette bombed, or he could be "that guy that got Kirsten Dunst's character pregnant." I bet that would really launch his career.
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    Ungrateful punk.

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    “I can’t shake off the title of Keira Knightley’s exboyfriend."

    Sure beats the title of "nobody" or "has-been".

    Get over yourself!!!

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