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Thread: Snoop Dogg begs Schwarzenegger for clemency

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    Default Snoop Dogg begs Schwarzenegger for clemency

    21/11/05 Snoop Dogg Beg For Clemency


    Rapper SNOOP DOGG has taken his clemency plea for gang leader STANLEY 'TOOKIE' WILLIAMS to California Governor ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGER.

    The DROP IT LIKE IT'S HOT hitmaker joined protestors outside San Quentin State Prison in California, where Williams is serving time on death row, on Saturday (19NOV05) and made a public plea to Schwarzenegger to grant his friend a stay of execution.

    The rap star, real name CALVIN BROADUS, told reporters that the former Crips gang leader, who was imprisoned in 1979 for the murder of four people during two Los Angeles robberies, has inspired him to lead a better life - and he wants Schwarzenegger to think long and hard before agreeing to end his friend's life.
    Snoop said, "He inspired me to want to do something positive with my life. There is no reason on earth to kill him (Williams), and there is every reason to keep him alive."

    To help the cause, Snoop has recorded a new tune, REAL SOON, which he has dedicated to Williams, who has been nominated for Nobel Peace Prizes for his teachings and writing.

    Williams is scheduled to be put to death on 13 December (05). Schwarzenegger has admitted he's "dreading" making the final decision about the former thug's future later today .


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    Default Re: Snoop Dogg begs Schwarzenegger for clemency

    seems sincere.
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