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Thread: Heather Mills 'lied over claims of assault by photographer'

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    Default Heather Mills 'lied over claims of assault by photographer'

    Heather Mills 'lied over claims of assault by photographer'

    Last updated at 17:47pm on 21st June 2007 Heather Mills lied on oath over claims that she was assaulted by a photographer, a court has been told.
    The claim came in an angry confrontation with a lawyer who challenged her version of events and said she had invented the account she had given.

    Heather Mills told the magistrates' court that she was made to feel like a 'trapped animal'

    Accused: Kaycappa takes pictures of Ms Mills in the Brighton underpass where the alleged assault took place

    Ms Mills, 39, claims Jay Kaycappa grabbed her shoulder and spun her round in a pedestrian underpass in Brighton to take her picture.

    But at Brighton magistrates court she was confronted with a sheaf of photographs taken by the defendant.

    Timed and dated, they appeared to show her leaving the underpass by a different exit from the one she said.

    Ms Mills entered the witness box and gave her name as "Heather Ann Mills McCartney soon-to-be just Mills".

    The 39-year-old former model said she had been hounded by paparazzi since news of her separation from Sir Paul McCartney and the impending battle over his estimated 800million fortune.

    She said that in July last year she had been out cycling with her American friends Mark Payne, a make-up artist, his partner Michael Shilub and her personal trainer and bodyguard Benjamin Amigoni.

    She said she got separated from the group as they tried to avoid photographers. When she entered the underpass she found a cameraman approaching from one side and turned to see Kaycappa coming from the other.

    "He was quite a scary figure, I felt like a trapped animal," she said.

    "I put my bike against the wall and turned to go on the phone. I was not letting him get a picture of me. I felt a hand which pulled me round on my shoulder which yanked me around - it was Kaycappa."

    She said she needed " chiropractic treatment for mild pain in her right shoulder". When shown the photographs she claimed there were gaps in the pictures and that the timings had been altered to show she was still at the scene, near Palace Pier, when in fact she was at a vegetable shop called Bill's Organic.

    scroll down for more

    Heather Mills told the magistrates' court that she was made to feel like a 'trapped animal'

    She told the court: "I believe they have been tampered with. It's very, very easy to change a time code.

    "The pictures are correct but the order in which they were taken I am very doubtful about." Anya Lewis, defending, said: "If these times are accurate, you have lied."

    Mills: "No. Why would I lie?" Lewis: "If the times are accurate you have given a completely inconsistent account of what happened in that tunnel."

    Mills: "You are incorrect. How did I get to Bill's Organic in such a time?"

    Lewis: "If these times are accurate you must have lied."

    Mills: "They are not accurate and I have not lied. That's the answer to your question."

    As Kaycappa leapt to his feet in the dock, Ms Mills snapped: "I don't need to spend my time in court doing this.

    "I am here because Kaycappa has assaulted and upset a lot of people and I am the only person going out on a limb to bring this forward.

    "I don't want the man to go to prison, community service will sort him out - how can anybody get from the Palace Pier to Bill's Organics in that time.

    "It's physically impossible unless I'm in the Tour de France."

    Ms Lewis replied coldly: "You have invented the account you have given."

    Ms Mills told the court that she reacted well to harassment because she had been in a war zone, referring to her campaign against landmines.

    She denied ever wasting police time and did not accept that she phoned the police regularly.

    She added: "I've been harassed and abused so much this last year that even though - yes he caused me a problem with my shoulder and pulled me - it didn't madden or distress me because I've been through so much."

    Kaycappa, 31, of Fareham, Hampshire, pleads not guilty to common assault and a second similar charge alleging he attacked one of Mills's friends the following day outside a Brighton restaurant.

    Mills, who lives on the outskirts of Brighton, and her two American friends were flown from Los Angeles at the taxpayers' expense to give evidence because as prosecution witnesses they can claim expenses for interrupting their work schedule.

    The trial continues.

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    Crazy Train, ticket for one.

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    Reports are just in that the crazy train is booked solid. Heather tried to get a ticket on the Crazy Coach instead, but apparently they're not handicapped friendly.

    We'll keep you updated as the story progresses.
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    Quote Originally Posted by NoNoRehab View Post
    Crazy Train, ticket for one.
    yeppers. houston, we have a problem.

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    lawyers call people liars all the time .... this isn't really shocking
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    Kill her.
    Kill It.
    Kill everything... that IS the solution!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mel1973 View Post
    lawyers call people liars all the time .... this isn't really shocking
    Yeah, but Ho-ther actually is a liar and it's a beautiful thing to see her getting called on it.

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    Does this woman think she has any credibility left?

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    I'm just wondering WHY we even give a rat's ass about this woman...

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