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Thread: George Clooney and Brad Pitt's 'Entertainment Weekly' interview

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    Default George Clooney and Brad Pitt's 'Entertainment Weekly' interview

    Entertainment Weekly sits down the the bad boys of Ocean’s 13, two of Hollywood’s biggest pranksters — Brad Pitt and George Clooney. Here are some of the highlights!

    Clooney: [To Pitt] You bastard!
    Pitt: What?
    Clooney: I did all these interviews right after you. And all the reporters told me, ‘’Brad said you did the movie for the money'’!
    Pitt: [Laughs] I did. Believe I said it was all for the cash.
    Clooney: Brutal! [Laughs] How ya doin’?
    EW: Good, thanks. So I’ve heard that you guys call this movie Ocean’s Thirteen: The One We Should Have Made Last Time.
    Pitt: Credit where credit is due. That was [director] Steven Soderbergh’s line.
    Clooney: Steven actually wanted to bill it that way, but I don’t think the studio was so thrilled with that. It f—s up the boxed set.

    EW: Do you ever look at each other and go, Hell, I wish I was in the Italian villa instead of changing diapers? Or: Man, I wish I had a couple of those rug rats?
    Pitt: No.
    Clooney: No.
    Pitt: But I tell ya what, kids are a lot of hard work.
    Clooney: It’s one of those difficult things [when you’re famous].
    EW: Because of the endless scrutiny?
    Clooney: Yeah. No one wants to hear you complain, because it sounds like you’re whining. But I think he and Angie have a tougher time living their lives, just going out to see the city with the kids. I mean, look out there, all the boats with the cameras. I was walking around on the beach yesterday and I just thought to myself, Where’s Brad? And all of a sudden you see the cameras all go WHOOOOSSSHH and I was like, Oh, here he comes! I watch that and think, Wow. I know it’s not all that fun for me, and it seems exponentially harder for him.

    EW: Who do you like from that younger generation?
    Clooney: I’ll tell ya, Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams are both really good actors. Both have great range and can do all kinds of stuff.
    Pitt: I think Heath Ledger is really strong, as well.

    Clooney: …muddled, right. So you have to pick your fights and go after them, and then it seems like you can help get things done, like the $9 million we’re raising [for Darfur refugees] tonight. [Pitt waves to someone, who turns out to be Angelina Jolie with their 5-year-old son, Maddox. Pitt smiles. Clooney waves and gets no response.] Niiice. Very nice. What am I? No wave for me?

    EW: I’m curious what you think of the state of the male movie star in Hollywood right now.
    Pitt: I’m actually a woman trapped in a man’s body. We’re going to be doing something about that soon.
    EW: Is Angelina aware of this?
    Pitt: Yeah, she’s all for it. Kinda into it, actually.

    Just Jared

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    Lol, cute... grown men acting like 12 year olds.

    Guys that have a wicked sense of humour is an added bonus.

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    Two men that look good and act good.

    Respect is given when respect is deserved.

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