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Thread: Orlando Bloom sued by ex-managers

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    Default Orlando Bloom being sued by former managers

    British movie hunk ORLANDO BLOOM is being sued by the bosses of his former management company over claims he still owes them for securing high-profile film roles for him.

    The executives at Hollywood company The Firm are asking for in excess of $600,000 (GBP333,300) in unpaid commissions from the actor after allegedly helping him land leading roles in ELIZABETHTOWN, KINGDOM OF HEAVEN and the PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN sequels, among other projects, according to entertainment news website

    Bloom quit the company earlier this year (05) and signed with rivals Brillstein-Grey.

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    Default Orlando Bloom sued by ex-managers

    From the BBC today

    Actor Bloom sued by ex-managers

    Orlando Bloom starred in the Lord of the Rings trilogy

    Actor Orlando Bloom's former management company is suing the Troy star for allegedly failing to pay $660,000 (383,000) in commissions.

    The Firm claims the actor failed to honour a deal to pay 10% of his income for work it negotiated on his behalf.

    Mr Bloom terminated the relationship in July but did not pay money he owed, The Firm alleges in an action lodged with a Los Angeles Court.

    The actor's publicist declined to comment on the case.

    The Firm claims it entered into an verbal agreement with the Pirates of the Caribbean actor in June 2002.

    Separate action

    Aleen Keshishian, a former employee of The Firm who had personally looked after Mr Bloom, left the company around the time of the actor's departure, the action said.

    According to the complaint, Ms Keshishian now manages the actor at Brillstein-Grey Entertainment.

    The Firm is suing Ms Keshishian and BGE in a related action for wrongfully collecting at least $200,000 (116,000) in commissions for the upcoming second and third Pirates of the Caribbean films.

    The Firm claims it is entitled to the commissions because the films were negotiated on Mr Bloom's behalf while Keshishian was at The Firm.

    Ms Keshishian was unavailable for comment on the case.

    Mr Bloom's movie Kingdom of Heaven, which depicted the 12th Century battle between Christians and Muslims, topped the US box office in May.

    He also starred alongside Kirsten Dunst in the recent romantic drama Elizabethtown.

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