Angelina Jolie talks to Marie Claire

She could use a break; she admits that’s she’s stressed out and tired, skinnier and less fit than she’d like to be. Soon, she’ll start work on the action film Wanted, which she hopes will return her to fighting form “It seemed like a good thing for me-and my family agreed- to have a reason to get strong, get healthy, and do something that was not serious” Jolie says. “It’s not a depression that set in, but there are times in your life where everything just gets real heavy. I know myself enough to know that sometimes work can help pick me up out of that".

In the moments after Shiloh was born, her parent’s only request was that the baby never be taken from their room, Jolie recalls. "And I was on the phone with my mom, who was also in the hospital. We were laughing because we were both under the same assumed name, and we both had been given a dose of morphine".