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Thread: Keira Knightley is messy

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    Default Keira Knightley is messy

    "SCREEN babe Keira Knightley has admitted she is extremely clumsy.

    The stunning actress says she is forever ruining clothes at premieres by spilling food and drink.

    She told Vogue magazine: "I'm clumsy - I always spill things down me."

    The 20-year-old Pride & Prejudice star also added that away from the red carpet she likes to wear clothes that are "very grungy and scruffy," insisting she's "not into expensive clothing"."

    From TheSun

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    Default Re: Keira Knightley is messy

    everyone seems to be "stunning" these days.

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    Default Re: Keira Knightley is messy

    It's because she can't drink properly with that stupid pout of hers...

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