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Thread: Whitehall's battle to block David Beckham's knighthood

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    Default Whitehall's battle to block David Beckham's knighthood

    Whitehall's battle to block Beckham's knighthood

    Whitehall concern over tax exile and 'Lady Posh'

    David Beckham is at the centre of a Whitehall campaign to prevent him being made a knight.

    Civil servants have been asked to consider the former England captain's suitability for the honour.
    But there are concerns about his move to play in the United States, where he will effectively be a tax exile, and also questions about whether his wife should become Lady Beckham.
    Two lists are being prepared - the Queen's Birthday Honours and Tony Blair's resignation honours.
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    Doubts: David Beckham may miss out on a knighthood since moving to the U.S.A

    • A source said: "His name has been put forward but there is a view among some officials that it should not be approved while there is a conflict between his future as an England player and his contract with an American club.

    "Some officials feel that there is nothing wrong with honouring a player who is based in Europe and free to represent his country if required, but feel there is a big difference if the same player is earning his main income and paying tax in the United States and unable to play for England."
    Beckham, 32, is still a Real Madrid player but has signed a £25million five-year contract with LA Galaxy starting this summer. There is concern that the move means he is putting club above country.
    He was dramatically recalled by England this weekend after being dropped at the end of last year's World Cup.
    He is seen by Downing Street as an iconic player and is highly regarded for the key part he played in bringing the 2012 Olympics to London. Deeply patriotic, he was delighted to be awarded the OBE in 2003.
    In addition to his record as England captain, he and Victoria score highly as givers to charity. Downing Street refused to comment on whether Mr Blair had suggested the name for his retirement honours. A big star name would be a populist touch on a list set to be dominated by controversial awards to Blair aides such as Jonathan Powell and Alastair Campbell.

    Whitehall's battle to block Beckham's knighthood | the Daily Mail

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    Just when I think Victoria can't possibly look more ridiculous ...

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    Beckham looks evil.

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    Hold on - how many other England captains have been made a lord? Mmmm? Yeah, I thought so.....
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    Quote Originally Posted by Sweetie View Post
    Beckham looks evil.
    It's the botox.

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    Wait a sec....although Becks is a national treasure...he hasnt won a World Cup or a European Championship as the England captian. So even though he has gotten alot of personal accolades she HASN'T achieved anything with the England team.

    Look at the 1966 England Football World Cup team and the 2003 Rugby World Cup winning team they got knighted because they actually WON something!!!. Therefore i dont think its right that Becks should get knighted, plus couldnt stand calling Posh spice "Lady Victoria Beckham" It will only boost her crappy ego!

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