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Thread: Michael and Dina Lohan fighting over custody

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    Default Michael and Dina Lohan fighting over custody

    Or should I say fighting over potential cash cows?

    Satan Should Probably Get Custody

    White Oprah and Michael Lohan were in court today to decide the custody of the two youngest Lohan kids, Ali and Cody. Michael got out of jail a couple of months ago and is seeking visitation rights of Lindsay Lohan's brother and sister.

    He said, "I just want to resolve this, and I wish for the best for the children, and for Dina and myself." A new hearing date was set for June.

    Dina didn't comment, but did tell reporters about her Lindsay's new movie "Georgia Rule" on her way out, "The movie was amazing! You should see it".

    I think those kids would be better of being raised by a pack of wolves!

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    Considering how Lindsay turned out, not only should neither of them have custody, but they should both be sterilized so they can't reproduce and whore out more kids.

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    You know, it seems like there is an older sibling - which we don't hear anything about - Yeah, I think the oldest brother is my favorite.

    "The movie was amazing! You should see it". That's right whore, milk it, work it.... sick stagefuck
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    wow I cant get over how similar Lindsay and her mother look. That's definately how Lindsay will look l in another ten years.... or maybe two, if she continues to use drugs religiously.

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    How can he possibly get custody?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Picara View Post
    How can he possibly get custody?
    I went back to the original source Picara & he's only after visitation... it's DListed mixing it up...

    Lohan's parents battle over visitation rights

    May 22, 2007, 1:13 PM EDT

    Actress Lindsay Lohan's parents were in Nassau Family Court Tuesday morning, where Michael Lohan is seeking the right to visit his children.

    The matter was adjourned until June 8, to give lawyers time to discuss a possible agreement. On his way out of court, Michael Lohan said he is hopeful that things will work out.

    "I just want to resolve this, and I wish for the best for the children, and for Dina and myself," he said. Dina Lohan declined to comment on the case, but she did take the opportunity to plug her daughter's new movie, "Georgia Rule."

    "The movie was amazing," she said. "You should see it".
    Lohan's parents battle over visitation rights -

    Free Charmed.

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    The youngest two must be minors with mega earning potential like their big sis. That's the only reason either of these two sorry excuses for parents are fighting over them.

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