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Thread: Is Kylie Minogue a self-confessed Beard?

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    Default Is Kylie Minogue a self-confessed Beard?


    By Mark Jefferies 12/05/2007

    KYLIE Minogue has confirmed she will be starring in Doctor Who - but won't play a baddie.
    She was rumoured to be taking the role of a sexy Cyberwoman who would target the Time Lord, played by David Tennant in the hit BBC TV show.
    But asked by InStyle magazine whether the gossip was true, Kylie, 39, said: "Yes ... my gay husband (her stylist, William Baker) is so excited about it! But I'm not going to play a villain."

    It's thought Kylie is now being written into the Christmas special. She is single again after being dumped by Frenchman Olivier Martinez three months ago. - Showbiz - KYLIE'S WHO ROLE

    She's called him her "gay husband" once or twice before recently. Weirdness.

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