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Thread: Victoria Beckham's car breaks down

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    Default Victoria Beckham's car breaks down

    Victoria Beckhamís car broke down as she was on her way to pick up her son Romeo from a nursery in Spain. She left her BMW and hopped into the Range Rover replacement that was sent to her. No sign of David so this story really isnít all that impressive.

    Pictures at -
    She having quite a bit of bad luck lately isnt she?...but i dont really care!

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    Her brand new BMW broke down? You would think that for paying that much for a high quality car like BMW you'd at least expect it to last a while with no problems.

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    I had a friend that sent his MB back to the dealer 5 times..... in the end he got a refund & went to BMW.
    I didn't know her BMW was brand new, but that's why they have warranties, etc
    Free Charmed.

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    Maybe she tried to swipe her credit card on the dashboard.
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    Wow ... her car broke down. Like that never happens to anyone. HUGE NEWS!

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