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Thread: Danielle Brown's (sister of Mel B) visit to GUM

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    Default Danielle Brown's (sister of Mel B) visit to GUM

    Poxy Brown

    A mole trundled her fragrant undercarriage along to a clap clinic this week (just for a check-up, and before you start giggling it's VERY responsible behaviour, so do be quiet at the back).
    It was the usual situation in the waiting room of a GUM clinic (we'd imagine), with all the punters sitting around desperate to avoid eye contact with their fellow patients. Our mole was struck by one particular attendee, however. She seemed particularly nervous, and despite pretending to be totally engrossed in her magazine, her eyes were flicking all around the room like a panicked doe.
    And she was the spitting image of a certain Melanie Brown. Clearly, it couldn't be the former Spice Girl, currently stinking out LA with her 'he's the daddy' antics, but really, this woman could pass for her sister...
    So it was little surprise when a thoughtless nurse poked her head around the door and bellowed (in delicate tones normally used by regimental drill sergeants),
    "Danielle Brown?"
    It was Scary's sister, the 'Emmerdale' actress, who duly leapt from her chair and fled the room. And despite most people being in and out (and a bit of the old 'in-out' is what got them there in the first place) of the examination room, there was still no sign of the Leeds lady when our mole was called, quite some time later. Maybe forgetting to take precautions runs in the family?
    Holy Moly!
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    How mortifying! Poor lass. She went to my school for a while and I thought she was lovely.
    Curiouser and curiouser...

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    What's GUM?

    Ok, I googled it myself, if anybody else wasn't familiar with the acronym it stands for GUM (Genito-Urinary Medicine) Clinic, also called STI (Sexually Transmitted Infection) Clinic

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    ^^ And also called STD (sexually transmitted disease) Clinic
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    How embarrassing, some people can't even have medical privacy these days.
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