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Thread: Keira Knightley furious at Lindsay Lohan

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    Default Keira Knightley furious at Lindsay Lohan

    KEIRA KNIGHTLEY and LINDSAY LOHAN have reportedly fallen out over the American actress's decision to withdraw from THE BEST TIME OF OUR LIVES film last week.

    Stunning Keira was said to be "furious" that Lindsay, who has recently finished her latest spell in rehab, decided to quit the film just three days before filming was due to start.

    Lindsay, 20, who has repeatedly been slammed by British tabloids for her lazy behaviour, pulled out due to "changes that were not to her liking", an insider told Life & Style magazine.

    But PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN star Keira was unhappy that Lindsay had given the film the heave-ho, as she was involved in getting the MEAN GIRLS star to appear, while her mother also wrote the screenplay.

    The story focuses on Welsh bard DYLAN THOMAS, with Lindsay supposed to have been playing Thomas's wife Caitlin MacNamara.

    MATTHEW RHYS was due to play the part of the poet with Keira as Vera Killick, wife of William – the man who tried to kill Thomas after fearing he had an affair with his wife.

    And the film was set to be a box-office smash after reports claimed Keira, Lindsay and Matthew's characters would be involved in a passionate threesome.

    However, SIENNA MILLER is now likely to step into the role, according to Variety.

    KEIRA KNIGHTLEY - Keira 'furious' at Lindsay

    So she's furious because she wont get to make out with Lindsay now? Isn't Keira Knightley one of the rumoured lesbians? It would explain why her mother wrote a screenplay that involves love scenes between two females, hmm.

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    According to the link below, though, the story about Kiera's being 'furious' may just be meant to not make LL look so bad. Didn't LL treat Kiera really rudely at some party before?

    Lainey's Entertainment Update

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    It sounds like an interesting movie, I like the subject matter, but I can't see LL being anything but a trainwreck. And her snatch-shots... always lingering in memory.
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