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Thread: Victoria and David Beckham Threaten To Sue Documentary

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    Default Victoria and David Beckham Threaten To Sue Documentary

    Beckhams want TV documentary banned
    22/04/2007 - 16:28:08

    David and Victoria Beckham have threatened to sue the producers of a TV documentary which follows their look-a-likes as they fool fans in Los Angeles, insisting it will ruin their reputation.

    The superstar couple, who are moving to the city this summer, are furious with producers at Sky One.

    Their manager Simon Fuller says the documentary, which follows ringers Andy Harmer and Camilla Shadbolt as they trick shop staff into giving them free gifts and con a garage owner into letting them test drive a Lamborghini, could be detrimental to the Beckham brand.

    A Sky spokesman says: "We can confirm acknowledgement of a legal letter on behalf of the Beckhams, but cannot comment any further."

    The show, also featuring British comic Iain Lee as the fake couple's PA, is due to air on May 3.

    IOL: Beckhams want TV documentary banned

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    all bound for Koo-Koo Land.....


    I wonder what reputation they think they have?

    Are look-a-likes illegal? I don't know......
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    Are they serious? How can you ruin their reputation?

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