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Thread: Sanjaya Malakar to attend White House Correspondents Dinner

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    Default Sanjaya Malakar to attend White House Correspondents Dinner

    Right? You think corrupt, flaccid, incompetent Bush administration- you immediately think SANJAYA!!

    Sanjaya Coming to D.C.
    'American Idol' Cast-Off to Attend White House Correspondents Association Dinner

    Jane Fonda. . . now remind us who she is? Henry Kissinger, John Cusack, Sheryl Crow. . . what was it they were famous for? The most gushed-over guests for this weekend's White House Correspondents Association Dinner -- one of whom, let us not forget, is the president -- will almost certainly be eclipsed by the one-name sensation just added to the list:

    Sanjaya is coming to town.

    The Reliable Source has learned that People magazine has snagged as a guest the latest "American Idol" evictee -- the weak-voiced, shaggy-maned teen with the ingratiating smile who endured numerous other eliminations to become the most controversial contestant in the show's history.

    All we know so far: That he'll be seated at the dinner with his mom, and that the 17-year-old is expected to make the scene at least one of the glitzy after-parties. Still unknown: Whether he'll wear the faux-hawk, the slicked-back 'do, or a Shirley Temple look. We're hoping he changes it up throughout the evening.
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    He always struck me as a bit of a simpleton. He should fit in there.

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    Dancing on your grave!!!!


    Milk that fifteen minutes for all it's worth!

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    oh god will this shit EVERRRR die?

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    Maybe he'll run into a mountainbike, on an out of control Segway scooter while choking on a pretzel.
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