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Thread: Beyonce is a copycat and she's being sued!

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    Default Beyonce is a copycat and she's being sued!

    Des'ree had a hit back in the day called "You Gotta Be." That song was so annoying, it was everywhere! She filed a lawsuit yesterday against Beyonce and company claiming she recorded a song called "I'm Kissing You" that Des'ree co-wrote. She claims Beyonce never got clearance to use the song on her B'Day album. Baz Luhrmann used Des'ree's version in his 1996 film "Romeo + Juliet."

    Des'ree said that Beyonce and company originally tried to work out terms with the singer, but they weren't satisfied that Des'ree didn't want them to change the name or record a video for it. They did it all anyway, blowing off copyright laws.

    Des'ree is only asking for $150,000 and immediate half of the song, album and video. Beyonce could not be reached for comment according to TMZ.

    You can visit TMZ to hear both versions of the same song. It's the same thing.

    $150k clams is nothing to Beyonce. She should just pay out and be done with hit. She won't though, because she thinks she's the shit.

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    Why would ANYONE ever cover that song? WTF?!?!?!
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    Beyonce is notorious for stealing other people's work and then taking full credit for it. This isn't the first time this has happened.

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    ^One day karma is going to bite her up the ass.
    It's laughable that she co-writes or write all of her songs but yet
    she comes off dumb as a rock in interviews.

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