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Thread: Dita Von Teese wants to marry again

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    Default Dita Von Teese wants to marry again

    Dita Von Teese is already dreaming of finding love again and re-marrying - before she has finalised her divorce from Marilyn Manson.

    The burlesque star filed for divorce last December (06), just a year after she and the shock rocker married.

    But the experience hasn't put 34-year-old Von Teese off - and she's already looking forward to marriage number two.

    She says, "I definitely hope to marry again. I believe in that kind of commitment. And I saw some stunning wedding dresses in Paris."
    Von Teese Wants To Marry Again.

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    Maybe this time she will marry a human and it might work out.

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    Good for her.

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    lets see, what about carrot top, he is a weirdo, she likes weirdoes, and would go well with her image

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