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Thread: Uma Thurman to marry her boyfriend Andre Balazs, ex-hubby Ethan Hawke approves

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    Default Uma Thurman to marry her boyfriend Andre Balazs, ex-hubby Ethan Hawke approves

    Uma Thurman is reportedly planning to wed on-off boyfriend Andre Balazs after her ex-husband gave his blessing for the union. Thurman and the hotel boss are secretly engaged and they're now planning a summer wedding, according to reports.
    Life & Style magazine claims Thurman's ex, Ethan Hawke, has not only given his approval, he plans to be at the ceremony - to look after the two children he had with the actress, Maya, eight, and Roan, five. An insider tells the publication Hawke will also take care of the kids while the new Mr. and Mrs. Balazs enjoy a romantic honeymoon.
    Uma's representatives have denied the wedding plans but Hawke has reportedly been overheard gushing about the match.

    Uma Thurman To Marry Hotel Boss? - Starpulse News Blog

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    Like she NEEDED his approval?
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    Well there's two children involved and Ethan IS their father.

    She's been on and off with Andre so many times, I figured this wouldn't happen. Not gonna hold my breath on it lasting, either.

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    I wonder if he got her approval when he was cheating on her.

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    Hm, well I hope my girl is happy...I'll believe it when I see it--their relationship is rather rocky. (Big shocker for a H-Wood romance, I know )
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    Two questions:

    1...How can they be "secretly engaged" if the press is writing about them planning a summer wedding?

    2...WHY do they need a "romantic honeymoon" after they've been together for several years?

    Maybe I need to get out more......but when I got married, the honeymoon meant something. Now, two people can live together for ten years, have four children, then get married and go on a "honeymoon". Again I ask.......why do they need a honeymoon? Especially rich celebrities who travel to exotic places all the time, anytime they please.
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    Isn't he (Andre) a serious hot head?? And there are rumors of his coke abuse??? Doesn't seem like something Uma would be into, but whatever...

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    I like Uma. I hope it works out for her. She seems like a genuinely nice person.

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