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Thread: MTV not to renew Vanessa Minnillo's contract?

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    Default MTV not to renew Vanessa Minnillo's contract?

    Vanessa Minnillo is ankling from MTV's "TRL" show, a source tells Page Six. The former flame of Derek Jeter and current squeeze of Nick Lachey will not renew her contract, which expires in April, we're told. "MTV wants her out," said another insider. Other sources say continuous rumors of the show's demise and Minnillo's other high-wattage opportuni ties are driving her away from the network. Reps for MTV in sist, " 'TRL' has not been canceled." Should "TRL" live past April, our tipsters peg Susie Castillo as Minnillo's most likely replacement. Reps for MTV and Minnillo had no comment on her contract.

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    high wattage opportunities... I'll believe it when I see it.
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    That's even worse than "lensing" or "inking"....gah.

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    What is ankling supposed to mean anyway?
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