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Thread: Kevin Federline concerned about Britney Spears stops partying

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    Default Kevin Federline concerned about Britney Spears stops partying

    During Britney Spears's recent wild weekend, her ex, Kevin Federline, canceled plans to party in Las Vegas during the NBA All-Star weekend in order to stay in Los Angeles to be available for the couple's children, sources tell PEOPLE.

    "Kevin is concerned for Britney and his children," says a friend of Federline's. "Of course he's concerned about her. He loves her. He's always loved her – even after she started divorce proceedings."

    The pair, who split in November, have two sons together, Sean Preston, 1, and Jayden James 5 months.

    According to another source, Federline had booked a room from Feb. 14 - 19 at the Venetian Resort Hotel Casino, but canceled the reservation.

    It's not clear if Federline has been in direct contact with his two sons or Spears, who voluntarily entered a rehabilitation facility on Tuesday.

    A rep for Federline could not be reached for comment.
    Kevin Is Concerned About Britney, Says a Friend | Britney Spears, Kevin Federline :

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    What a laugh, he wasn't available for the children even when he and Britney were married.

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    But ... and I can't believe I'm saying this!! ... when they were married, Twitney was home 24/7 actually being a mom. K-Fug knew the children were being taken care of. Lots of married guys tend to leave the childcare to the mother. Now, though, the kids obviously don't have their mother. Is it possible K-Fug has a conscience?

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    Nah I doubt it, he knows what his doing very well. People think his clueless. If he plays his cards right, he'll probably be the one laughing in the end. I bet he has some hot shot lawyer giving him advice on how to act, I wouldn't be suprised if they talked about ways to bring Brit down (not that she doesn't do it on her own already)

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    I thought he was laughing at her demise earlier?

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    I heard on some show that he was the reason she shaved her head because he threatened to get her tested. Who knows?
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