Queen Latifah has recently taken a stand against adopting foreign children. She says she wants to adopt 18 kids (just 'cause you can afford it doesn't mean it's a good idea, Queen), but she stresses that she'd like to adopt American children.
Queen Latifah wants to adopt 18 kids, but unlike Madonna and Angelina, she won't be leaving the country to do it.
During a revealing interview with Ellen Degeneres, her majesty said, "I want to adopt an American baby ... there's just so many kids that could use a home." While Latifah says she completely understands why Americans would want to go outside the states, she would still rather "help a kid in the hood."
Good for her. American orphans are just as desperate for good homes as children born into foreign strife. I've often wondered why Angelina constantly looks out of the country when adopting, especially since foreign adoptions are more expensive and procedurally strict.

But, Queen Latifah, if you decide to go foreign, I say you look to the Bahamas. I hear there's an orphan there that is really, really, really in need of a good home and a guardian who isn't a murderous lawyer.
Was that blind enough of a blind item?
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