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Thread: Anna Nicole Smith's best friend reveals that Anna wasn't in love with Howard K. Stern

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    Default Anna Nicole Smith's best friend reveals that Anna wasn't in love with Howard K. Stern

    ANNA NICOLE SMITH's best friend has poured scorn on claims the model was planning to wed partner HOWARD K. STERN - because she never loved him. Stern insists he and Smith were planning to wed later this month (FEB07) before the tragic blonde lost her life in Florida last week (08FEB07), but longtime pal JACKIE HATTEN insists her friend would not have married someone she didn't love. Speaking on CNN show LARRY KING LIVE last night (12FEB07), the professional volleyball player said, "She liked him as a person that handled her affairs so that she did not have to handle them. "He kept her so drugged up, she was in bed 24-7 until there was a show, give her some uppers and get her up for the show so she can make some money. "She didn't care for him like that. He used to walk behind us, carrying our bags."


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    I thought Howard was Anna's best friend...?

    Well anyways I found this girl hard to be a reliable source...I couldn't even watch her interview, I had to change the channel...>.<

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    Anna had the biggest bunch of weirdos around her. Between Howard, this woman and all her freaky relatives, I'm not surprised that she had so many problems. Isn't this the friend that has a picture of her in bed with Larry? Weirdos.

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    Anna still isn't alive to speak for herself, so I'm sure everyone has an opinion about her and her life. Meanwhile she's somewhere up there or down there, hopefully with Daniel.

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