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Thread: Backstreet Boys Nick Carter denies he is set to marry Bai Ling

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    Default Backstreet Boys Nick Carter denies he is set to marry Bai Ling

    Backstreet Boys singer Nick Carter has dismissed press reports that he and Chinese superstar Bai Ling were poised to marry, saying he was enjoying being single.

    The 25-year-old boy band heartthrob called in to a radio talk show in Los Angeles to quash rumours that was ready to tie the knot with the sexy actress who is ten years his senior.

    "We are just friends and I'm dating, but would love to meet a great girl that has her life in order and understands my career goals," he told talk show host Ryan Seacrest in an interview from Spain where Carter is on tour.

    The denial came four days after a newspaper in Hong Kong quoted Bai Ling as saying she was in love with Carter and that the two of them were engaged to wed.

    "A representative from Bai Ling's camp informed Carter's rep that she never said the things that were reported," read a statement issued by Carter's publicist Juliette Harris.

    "Carter and Ling are just friends and Nick is dating and most recently he has been linked with a sexy singer from the Atomic Kittens while on his European tour," the statement added.

    Hong Kong's Apple Daily quoted the 35-year-old Chinese actress as saying she had been seeing Carter since they met recently in a charity event in Malaysia and were ready to wed anytime.

    Bai Ling said Carter, who ended a brief romance with hotel heiress and Hollywood it girl Paris Hilton last year, got her phone number through Ling's friends. They met -- and fell in love.

    "My current boyfriend is a godsend. I didn't need any reasons to like him and I am willing to do anything for him," said the Hollywood-based star of "Anna and the King" and horror flick "Dumplings."

    "We are very romantic. To meet someone like that, I have to give my love to him and I do really love him," she was quoted saying.


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    Default Re: Backstreet Boys Nick Carter denies he is set to marry Bai Ling

    i'd deny it too if i were him.

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    Default Re: Backstreet Boys Nick Carter denies he is set to marry Bai Ling

    Ooh he must be with Liz McLarnon as the other two kittens are taken.

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