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Thread: Adam Brody couldn't wait for The O.C. to be over

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    Default Adam Brody couldn't wait for The O.C. to be over

    Adam Brody is glad hit show The O.C. has come to a close, because he had no choice but to test himself in other roles. The 27-year-old played Seth Cohen on the teen drama between 2003 and 2006 and loved his job so much, he admits he needed a push to seek fresh challenges.
    He is now looking to make more movies after earning good reviews for his performances in Thank You For Smoking and Mr. & Mrs. Smith.
    He says, "We all got on so well and the scripts were so good that we would've done it for years. This way we're forced out into the world. I can play new geeks now."

    I'm sure it has nothing to do with the fact he had to see his ex-girlfriend everyday.

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    Yeah I was actually sad to see them break up they were such a cute couple
    Bitchy??? Innocent Little me??? NEVER!!!

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    i agree...I think they should get back together...even if it's for their dog's!!

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    ^^ .. even if it's just for poor Chilly's sake.

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