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Thread: Madonna joins Beyonce on Oscars' chopping block

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    Default Madonna joins Beyonce on Oscars' chopping block

    MADONNA's new 3D movie ARTHUR + THE INVISIBLES has been disqualified from competing for an Oscar - because it isn't animated enough.

    Oscars officials claim the film, which also features the voices of FREDDIE HIGHMORE, MIA FARROW and JIMMY FALLON, includes a disproportionate percentage of live action, and have ruled it ineligible for a Best Animated Film Academy Award.

    Last month (DEC06) BEYONCE KNOWLES discovered she had been disqualified from possibly taking the Oscars stage as a potential Best Song nominee - because only three songwriters can be named and her contribution to DREAMGIRLS ballad LISTEN wasn't considered as great as the tune's leading balladeers.

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