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Thread: Jake Gyllenhaal's Speedo Shame

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    Default Jake Gyllenhaal's Speedo Shame

    11.07.05: Jake Gyllenhaal's Speedo Shame


    Movie hunk JAKE GYLLENHAAL was once arrested for stealing a pair of Speedo swimming trunks from a Los Angeles store. .

    The actor was dared to try on some trunks and walk out of the Speedo store at the Beverly Center in Los Angeles by a pal, but security guards at the famous mall failed to see the funny side of the prank. .

    He recalls, "A friend of mine dared me actually, at one point, to go into the store and to put on a Speedo and to walk out of the store in the Speedo - steal the Speedo and leave my clothes behind. .
    "I walked out and I was arrested by the Beverly Center cops. It was really serious for them; they don't see much action. It was a big moment for all of us." .

    Source: FemaleFirst UK

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    Who dared him to ditch his clothes and wear a Speedo out the door?? Only a gay boyfriend I'm afraid....gawd.

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    Oohhh...grape smugglers are the worst thing known to man. Brings to mind overweight, hairy German tourists. But a funny story, either way. I've done far worse on dares from my pals.
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