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Thread: Robbie Williams breaks Australia's no-smoking ban

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    Default Robbie Williams breaks Australia's no-smoking ban

    Williams' On-stage Smoking 'no Big Deal'.

    17th December 2006 10:10:58

    Williams' On-stage Smoking 'no Big Deal'.

    British pop singer ROBBIE WILLIAMS has avoided a hefty fine for flouting an Australian smoking ban on stage - because the Queensland state premier doesn't "see it as a big deal".

    The ANGELS star was performing at Lang Park in Brisbane, Queensland on Wednesday (13DEC06) when he decided to light up a cigarette on stage, despite laws banning smoking in the stadium.

    But Queensland Premier PETER BEATTIE wasn't upset by Williams' antics, and justifies the stars behaviour as simply "part of (Robbie's) act".

    Beattie says, "Look, anyone who knows anything about Robbie Williams - and I don't claim to be an expert but I do know this - his demeanour and his act, a part of that is defiance and breaking some of the rules and all the rest of it.

    "The reality is it was part of the act. I didn't see it as a big deal and nor did anyone else."

    Meanwhile Williams has come in for criticism..

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    As premier of Queensland he should be more responsible with his statements especially those concerning Australian law. Basically he is saying that because something is part a "person's act" it is acceptable. Technically he is saying that if you are a celebrity and you are naturally badly behaved then you can get away with anything because "it is just who you are". So technically Lindsay Lohan can come on stage and snort lines of coke and its ok because thats just who she is.

    Our entire government sucks ass.
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    Robbie Williams annoys the hell out of me.

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    Dave Chapelle smoked on stage in Richmond in a non-smoking arena.

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