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Thread: Heather Mills McCartney wants Sienna Miller to portray her gold-digging ass

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    Default Heather Mills McCartney wants Sienna Miller to portray her gold-digging ass

    Nosy Snoop reports that Heather Mills McCartney, aka Stumpy McAlimony, is looking for trashy-ass Sienna Miller to play her in a movie. I smell Oscar!
    Apparently, Heather Mills has a lot going on in her agenda, including a new movie detailing her scandalous divorce to Paul McCartney. Heather reportedly wants Sienna Miller to play her in a film about her life. The movie is currently under negotiation.

    The former model has reportedly been approached by film production company Working Title about the possibility of bringing her story to life on the big screen.

    The proposed project will focus on Heather's marriage to Paul, subsequent break-up and bitter divorce battle.

    The 38-year-old blonde, who lost her left leg after being run over by a police motorcycle in 1993, hopes Sienna Miller will be portraying her because she believes they both share similar traits.

    A source told Britain's Daily Star newspaper, "Heather has been approached by someone at Working Title about a movie based on her life. It will cover her version of being married to Paul and focus on her charity work. Heather sees herself in Sienna Miller. She thinks Sienna is great and gutsy.".
    I can honestly say I couldn't pick Sienna Miller out of a line-up. She's famous for spreading for Jude Law, right? Good for her. Hopefully she'll embrace method acting and hack off her leg.

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    Heather Mills has such a big ego, I'm surprised she doesn't insist that she portray herself in her movie.

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    "Hopefully she'll embrace method acting and hack off her leg."

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    "Stumpy McAlimony" Thats a good name for her. Would anyone want to see a movie about her?

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