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Thread: Sting likes Strippers!

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    Default Sting likes Strippers!

    Friday, October 07, 2005

    Sting likes the boobies!
    Even Englishmen in New York like some booty in their face from time to time,
    right Sting-a-ling?

    SOURCE Page six:
    Is it still "cheating" if the stripper keeps her dress on? Sting apparently doesn't think so. The soft-rocking singer, who's married to Trudie Styler, spent several hours at New York Dolls strip club on Murray Street in the company of two dancers but asked them to keep their gowns while they lavished him and his driver with lap dances and neck massages. We're told Sting, who drank only bottled water during the fully-clothed frolic, took a special liking to a blond Slovenian sexpot named Anna. The former Police chief plunked down several hundred bucks to be pampered by Anna and an Israeli-born babe.

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    I've heard from a friend of mine who used to work for his record company that Sting likes pretty much any woman who has a pulse and is willing.

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