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Thread: Prince doesn't like strippers

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    Default Prince doesn't like strippers

    Strippers leave Prince unimpressed

    Most men would jump at the chance to watch scantily-clad beauties dance on stage - but it seems pop star Prince is not impressed. The pop singer, 48, was in a Hollywood strip club when he offered gyrating dancers double their wages to stop dancing, according to The Sun.
    The ladies were strutting their stuff at top club Xenii when Prince reportedly told them that it was "wrong to dance like that".
    He added: "What would your parents think if they could see you now?
    "You're too good for this. You shouldn't be selling yourself so cheap."
    The dancers refused his offer of double pay and continued to strip on stage - so the singer turned his head away from them, one onlooker told the paper.
    Prince, who shot to fame in the 1980s with hits like When Doves Cry and Kiss, is said to be a regular at the celebrity haunt.
    But one partygoer said: "No-one knows why he comes here.
    "He doesn't drink, doesn't like the music and now doesn't like the dancers."

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    Um, wasn't this the guy with a song named "cream", sung while he writhed around on top of scantily clad ladies?

    Prince: Put down the Jesus before it turns you into a sack of BORING.
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    He's taking this new found religious shit a little too far. Does he not remember Apolonia (sp?), Carmen Electra, Sheena Easton, etc????? They were all little friends of his along the way. They weren't exactly nuns.

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    he's been religious for quite awhile now and yes he says he did regret those girls. I thought Appolonia also got religion?

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    But what the hell was he doing there in the first place? Sounds like the devil is on one of his shoulders, egging him on.
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    ^^ About to say the same thing? Why even go???

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    I agree w/ his opinon on pole dancers, but that's why I DON'T hang out in strip clubs! Duh! If it offends him, why is he there?

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    Maybe he thinks he can save them.

    Dang, I want to go to one of those clubs, pretend to be a dancer and have him pay me a lot to stop dancing. (Hell, all of the patrons would probably pay me to stop dancing!)

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    I think strippers are trashy too. That's funny he called them out on it.

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    Here's a good story -- Kevin Smith (Mallrats, Clerks, Dogma) wanted to
    use a Prince song (The Most Beautiful Girl in the World) for a film,
    and, being a huge Prince fan, called the Purple One up.

    After being put on hold...several times...Prince called Smith up...

    the rest of the story is quite funny.

    sample quote:

    I said , "Well , are they made like his outfits? Designer basketball wear?"

    She says, "No, they're from a store."

    I said , "He shops at a fucking store?"
    She says, "No, we go out and get stuff for him ."

    I said , "Where do you get his clothes?" She says, "Nordstrom's."
    I said , "They sell stuff his size?"

    She's like, "Nordstrom's boys department."
    And at this point, I'm like, "That is so fucking cute!"

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