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Thread: Lindsay Lohan secretly married?

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    Default Lindsay Lohan secretly married?

    Lindsay Lohan’s been sporting a new diamond ring, and although her mother insists it was just a “very sweet gift” from the star’s honey, Harry Morton, the buzz is that the two might be secretly married.

    Lohan called her mother, Dina, on Sept. 2 and announced, “Mom, I’m getting married,” a “source close to Lindsay” told the upcoming issue of Star. “Lindsay explained that Harry gave her a gorgeous ring and that he asked her to marry him.”

    The tab also says that “friends believe [the couple] could be married already!”

    Another source, however, says there’s trouble in paradise. Lohan and Morton had a nasty spat on Sunday when he got furious at her for flirting with a DJ, according to the London Mirror.

    The two went to a party at Clivedon House in London, but while Morton mingled, Lohan was “all over [DJ Sam Young] like a rash,” according to the paper.

    Morton was upset with the “Mean Girls” star for “not paying him enough attention” but Lohan countered that Morton should stop “being so insecure.”
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    I can't believe Lindsay would have the nerve to accuse Morton of being insecure when there are so many stories and personal accounts out there of Lindsay's extreme jealousy and insecurity. I guess she thinks it's ok for her to cheat or flirt but not for him.

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    How long have they known each other? I don't think this is true, but Lindsay is childish and known to pull stupid stunts, so it could be ...

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    Quote Originally Posted by DevilDoll2025 View Post
    How long have they known each other? I don't think this is true, but Lindsay is childish and known to pull stupid stunts, so it could be ...

    When your a celeb you have the right to do anything you please.. Who cares what people think becuz your words just made them more famous.. Not to mention they make money with the things/stunts they do! So you think Lohan cares no.. However she may be young & partys a lot like a norm 20/21 year old would do but I doubt she's married! Shes young/ very sexy, The guys love her she's having some fun... I hate to say this but.... A LOT OF US YOUNG GIRLS ARE NOW DAYS! & if your not 18 or oldder yet.. just wait cuz your next for this journey of young & restless diva....

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    ^^OMG Lindsay is speaking to us via blackberry in rehab
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    haha, my thoughts exactly marie!! I couldn't figure out what was going on, why all the necro'ed threads about Lindsay... now it all makes sense.... sad really.

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