Hollywood beauty KATE HUDSON had her first celebrity crush at the tender age of three - on her mother GOLDIE HAWN's actor pal WARREN BEATTY. The ALMOST FAMOUS star, 27, was used to famous stars visiting her mum, and admits she had a childish crush on Hawn's SHAMPOO co-star Beatty. She says, "The first man who made me aware I could be attracted to men was Warren Beatty. "I was like, three. I remember seeing him sitting on the couch in the living room and I kind of got really shy and kind of uncomfortable. And it was because he was so handsome."
24/08/2006 02:26

^Beatty at 44 with Keaton and at 50 with Hoffman.....
Just publicity crap, of course. 24 years ago Warren was 45 and rapidly losing his youthful appeal. But then, 3 year olds have peculiar tastes. I had my first crush at that age and the guy was 21