Stephen Dorff has a fan who sends him cartoon boxer shorts.

The 'Blade' actor has revealed he gets a lot of unusual fan mail, including one girl who sends him comic briefs.

He told Britain's OK magazine: "There was a girl who kept enclosing a different pair of boxer shorts with each note she sent me. And they were really funny boxer shorts - with pictures of Barney Rubble and Fred Flinstone.

"My favourites were a pair with Elvis over the crotch area. I was all shook up!"

Meanwhile, Dorff has revealed he only dates European women.

The actor says he is turned off by American women and loves a girl with some drive

Dorff, who recently dated British pop singer Sarah Harding, said: "What's sexy to me about woman is energy. I've gone out with more European women. Apart from dating casually, I've never gone out with a girl from Los Angeles or even New York, where I grew up."