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Thread: Cocaine Kate's comeback?

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    Default Cocaine Kate's comeback?

    By Martin Fricker
    MODEL Kate Moss is back at the top of the fashion world, just weeks after being exposed as a cocaine user by the Mirror.

    The fashion bible, magazine W, has put the 31-year-old on the cover of its November issue with an eight-page spread inside.

    A glowing editorial describes her as an "icon".

    Industry insiders say it is the start of her comeback. Her career had looked to be in tatters when she was dropped by H&M, Channel and Burberry.


    A source said: "W is America's most influential fashion magazine and they have taken a big step featuring Kate on the cover of this issue.

    "After losing so many contracts following the cocaine story, many thought she was finished in the industry.

    "But W obviously feel she still has a future. A W magazine cover shot is a big thing for any model, let alone one that is a proven cocaine user."

    The magazine's deputy editor Julie Belcove writes: "It has always been Moss's complexity, piercingly evident in her expressive face, that has made her so compelling to look at.

    "Whether it's also the source of her troubles is impossible to know. But she has become an icon."

    Creative director Dennis Freedman added: "She has shown courage by taking steps to deal with her personal problems. It is only natural that we would support someone that we regard as a friend."

    The magazine front cover, taken before the story broke, shows her posing in a white Calvin Klein gown with her hair swept back.

    Our pictures showed her chopping up lines of cocaine for her and friends at a West London recording studio as her junkie lover Pete Doherty worked on new Babyshambles tracks.

    She publicly apologised and has gone into the Meadows drug rehab clinic in Arizona.

    But the affair is not yet over for the Croydon-born beauty. She faces being arrested on her return to Britain.
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    I hope so, I loove her


    Oh yea, sexy Jason Varitek #33 Go Sox!!

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    So, she'll pull a Martha?

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