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Thread: Keanu Reeves' bed for sale

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    Talking Keanu Reeves' bed for sale


    Also see: KEANU REEVES

    The bed on which movie hunk KEANU REEVES once made sweet love is being auctioned off to help bolster a little girl's college fund. The one-of-a-kind bed belonged to one of Reeves' former girlfriends, who passed it on to a friend last year (05). Now, the pal - a new mum - is keen to get rid of the Baliinspired craftsman's bed to make way for her daughter, and she's hoping to make a little money in the process. The bed's current owner, who asked to remain nameless for fear of upsetting Reeves or his ex, has placed the item on auction website eBay and hopes to make thousands from the sale. She says, "The bed's probably worth about $400 but with its connection to Keanu, I hope to get more. "If I get even $2,000, I'd be happy. It came with a mattress that I got rid off immediately. Perhaps I should have kept it. "I don't want to upset anyone but I have a very small house and the bed has to go and I thought it would be a good idea to get my daughter's college fund started with the proceeds from the sale of this bed. "I'm not naming names but I know for a fact that Keanu Reeves slept on this bed."

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    Default Re: Keanu Reeves bed for sale

    I'd need some definite proof he fucked in this bed... like a semen stained matress i could get the DNA from and make my own Keanu baby!

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    Default Re: Keanu Reeves bed for sale

    Where's the scoop on his poopy underwear scandal from years ago?

    I know I certainly wouldn't want his bed yuck. Skids and whatnot gross.

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