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Thread: Shannon Elizabeth addicted to poker

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    Default Shannon Elizabeth addicted to poker

    AMERICAN PIE stunner SHANNON ELIZABETH is so hooked on poker she travels to Las Vegas, Nevada up to three times a month just to play with America's top card sharks.

    The actress has become one of the leading celebrity poker players and has won a handful of impressive victories at the card table - but it's beginning to take over her life.

    She explains, "I have become addicted to poker. I am in Las Vegas two or three times a month these days, playing every other night sometimes. Poker has become my second career."

    Elizabeth, who once walked away from a card game with $57,747 (GBP32,080) in winnings, admits she uses her looks to distract her male competition - and that's one of the things that make her a top card shark.

    She tells Blender magazine, "A lot of men get lost in their cards if you introduce a decent distraction."

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    Default Re: Shannon Elizabeth addicted to poker

    Judging from her nose, it looks like she's also addicted to coke.

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    Default Re: Shannon Elizabeth addicted to poker

    OMG, I know how she feels! I loooove poker too. I'm so-so at it but I wish I was a really good player so I could kick everybody's ass at it--especially men...haha! Men are impressed when they meet a woman who actually knows the basics of poker--I've had quite a bit of conversations about

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