Hugh Jackman Moved By Kidman Wedding....
X-Men star Hugh Jackman
was honoured to sing at pal Nicole Kidman's wedding to Keith Urban, because the two are so madly in love.

The fellow Australian attended the celebrity couple's lavish wedding in Sydney, Australia last month (Jun06) and was incredibly moved by the ceremony.

He explains, "They really seem like a fantastic couple. Next to my own, of course, probably the most romantic and beautiful wedding I've been to.

"I sang a song that Nicole asked me to sing - Keith's favourite song, Tenterfield Saddler, a Peter Allen song, which is probably one of my favourite songs, as well.

"I sang that for them and Keith sang, as well. It started at about 4:30-5:00pm and I think it was done at 1:00 am, so that's respectable.

"She just looked like a princess, she looked amazing.

"What I noticed was just how happy she was, I mean she's obviously so genuinely thrilled and obviously madly in love."