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Thread: Gwyneth Paltrow slams reports that she dissed Britain

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    Default Gwyneth Paltrow slams reports that she dissed Britain

    Gwyneth Paltrow has slammed reports she criticised Britain and plans to return to her native America, insisting she loves London life.

    Paltrow has lived in the capital since she began dating her husband Chris Martin in 2002 and has often criticised the current US government, saying, "It's a strange time to be an American now. I feel like we're really in trouble. I just had a baby and thought, 'I don't want to live there.' Bush's anti-environment, pro-war policies are a disgrace."

    Last week (ends21OCT05), Paltrow told the US edition of Marie Claire magazine, "My husband thinks I'm way too obsessed with cleanliness and germs. I'm just like, 'The street is filthy, could we take off our shoes before we come into the house?' He used to imitate me and say, 'Ewwww, oh my God!' Also, the customer service is just rubbish in England.

    "They'll tell you it'll take two weeks for your internet service to be fixed! It drives me nuts. And I miss being able to get anything at any time of day. You can't do that there. It always does rain."

    After creating a media storm in the British press, Paltrow denies making the comments, declaring her native New York City is filthy.

    She says, "The British press are just ridiculous. I've never said anything like that.

    "I don't know where they get off, making up these mean things. But they do

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    She probably did say it. So what?

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    Default now she's on record as saying that New York City is filthy (I guess that's all right, as long as she doesn't talk bad about London), and that the British press is "ridiculous". Either way, she's talking trash about someplace. Face it Gwinnie, you just want to bitch and moan about everywhere you've lived!

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    get some breasts. then maybe someone will listen to your hot air.

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    You KNOW she made those comments...she dissed NYC, L.A. and all of the U.S. before (although I couldn't disagree with some of her comments...), so why wouldn't she have dissed England?

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