Paris Storms London With Luggage

Posted Jun 30th 2006 1:22PM by TMZ Staff
Filed under: Paparazzi Photo, Paris Hilton
Paris Hilton arrived at London's Heathrow Airport today with a stockpile of suitcases that looked sufficient to outfit a small military outfit, let alone one traveling lodging heiress.

After getting back to London (which she once "forgot" was actually in the UK) from her namesake city in France, where she was promoting her new single (and where, like Jerry Lewis, she is huge) she tried -- rather unsuccessfully -- to conceal her identity from photogs with a blanket that just happened to keep slipping off her face

The unfortunate young bloke saddled with the responsibility of schlepping Paris' luggage looked as though the road sign in the background reading "Give Way" might portend ominous things for the delicately balanced pile of cases in his charge. (And what's with the motley assortment of bags, anyway? We would've thought that Paris, of all people, would have a complete matched set of Vuittons or Goyards.)