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Thread: Paris Hilton's no fur vow

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    Thumbs up Paris Hilton's no fur vow

    Paris Hilton has vowed to never wear fur again - after being shown a video of animals being skinned alive by Heather Mills McCartney.

    The blonde star was made to watch the gruesome PETA made film by the devout animal rights activist - who is currently divorcing husband Sir Paul McCartney - during a recent evening at her home.

    The video apparently showed dogs being skinned alive for their fur, and as the stomach-churning images were shown Heather explained to Paris that even fake fur can contain dog and cat hair.

    Paris' spokesman, Elliot Mintz, revealed: "Paris does not wear fur, nor will she wear fur described as artificial now she knows it came off the backs of animals. She is grateful to Heather for educating us on this terrible subject."

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    Default Re: Paris Hilton's no fur vow

    Forgive me being rude but go to hell Paris is there anything you won't say or do for attention.
    If it takes a video for you to see fur hurts animals your an idiot - just stop wearing fur ... that's all you have to do!
    I was born to rock, that's just what I do!
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    She probably thinks 'no fur' means she's vowing to continue with her Brazilian bikini waxes indefinitely...

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    Well at least now I can say ONE good thing about her.

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    hmph, we'll see...didnt like cindy crawford, or naomi cambell say this too, and then they wore fur the next year.

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    Yeaaaah I'll believe this when I see it. I seriously doubt that if fur was (God forbid) to become the next HUGE fashion thing next year that she would be the only celeb apart from Pamela Anderson to abstain from it, know what I mean? She's veeery go with the times and what sounds good now.
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