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Thread: Lindsay Lohan's constant co-star crushes

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    Default Lindsay Lohan's constant co-star crushes

    Tuesday, 20th June 2006, 12:06

    LIFE STYLE EXTRA (UK) - Lindsay Lohan has confessed she constantly develops crushes on her male co-stars.

    The actress - who has starred opposite a host of handsome actors, including Chris Pine and 'Mean Girls' heartthrob Jonathan Bennett - says she can't help but fall for the leading men after getting so close to them on the set.

    She said: "I still think it's so odd when I have to kiss someone in a movie. Even though it's acting, how can you not be physically attracted to someone you're working with when you have to have that chemistry?"

    The 19-year-old star also claims men find her intimidating - because of her honesty and frankness.

    She revealed in an interview with Company magazine: "My best friend said to me, 'Well men are intimidated by you.' I was like, 'Why? I'm not intimidating, I'm just honest.' And she was like, 'Sometimes too honest, maybe.'

    "But I believe there's no such thing as being too honest."

    Rock the fuck on!

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    Default Re: Lindsay Lohan's constant co-star crushes

    I have to agree, it would be hard not to kind of fall for someone on the set especially if you've got love scenes and you spend so much time together. But since not every single actor and actress is dating their co star, I guess they deal with it!

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    Default Re: Lindsay Lohan's constant co-star crushes

    Totally understandable that she would feel this way.

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