Police Advice Gay Bashed Singer to Recover at an "Undisclosed Location"

The New York City Police Department has recommended that singer Kevin Aviance recover from his gay bashing in an undisclosed location. The 38 year-old singer was beaten by four thugs last weekend in the East Village who evidently belong to the violent street gangs, The Bloods and the Crips.
The police recommended that Kevin not return to his apartment because other gang members may target him there.

However, Aviance still plans to make an appearance at Spirit nightclub this Sunday after the Pier Dance in honor of New York City's Gay Pride Week.

In case you haven't seen those cowardly thugs' names... they are George Akino and Jarell Sears, both 20, Gregory Archie, 18, and Gerard Johnson, 16. They have all been charged with a felony for committing a hate crime.

Posted by Charles Winters at 05:45 PM