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Thread: Donald Trump, "Talk ain't cheap...actually its $25 000 a minute"

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    Default Donald Trump, "Talk ain't cheap...actually its $25 000 a minute"

    NEW YORK - At $25,000 per minute, advice from Donald Trump doesn't come cheap.

    That didn't stop thousands of fans from attending a Sunday lecture by the real estate mogul, who received $1.5 million for the hour-long speech.

    Trump, star of NBC's "The Apprentice," urged listeners to be aggressive and remain suspicious of advisers.

    "When somebody challenges you, fight back," he said, according to published reports. "Be brutal, be tough, just go get them."

    Aspiring dealmakers should work with others while maintaining a competitive edge, he told the crowd at the Learning Annex event, which cost between $100 and $500 per ticket.

    "Get the best people and don't trust them," he said. "Work with them, but they have to have respect for you."


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    I really like that man.. wish I could be like his assistant or some shit.. I'd also like to comb his hair..

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    Yes, but is he happy? (Tongue in cheek)

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    What kind of a loser would pay to hear him blither on when you can watch him for free on tv?

    If Trump had any helpful secrets, dontcha think he'd keep them to himself?

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