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Thread: Police found new clues about Princess Diana's death

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    Default Police found new clues about Princess Diana's death

    NEW clues have come to light about Princess Diana's death, the policeman leading the probe sensationally revealed yesterday.

    Sir John Stevens has tracked down fresh witnesses and unearthed forensic evidence that could finally solve the mystery of the Paris car crash which also killed Di's lover Dodi Al Fayed.

    The former Met police chief, below, let slip his shock admission at a book festival. He said: "We've got new witnesses and new forensic evidence." Asked if they were eye-witnesses he hastily replied: "I can't tell you at this stage."

    Sir John also vowed not to quit the inquiry until he has exposed the truth behind the 1997 Diana tragedy.

    He said: "We have to do a job that draws a line under this one way or another." Dodi's dad Mohamed Al Fayed said he was "encouraged to hear" new evidence had been found. The Harrods boss added: "I know it was murder.

    "I only hope Lord Stevens is not forced to draw a line under the investigation before he gets to the truth.

    "I am optimistic he will not be bullied by the intelligence services whom I believe executed Dodi and Diana." Lord Stevens admitted he was "pursuing" Al Fayed's theories on the deaths.

    He was quizzed about the inquiry at the Hay literature festival at Hay-on-Wye in Wales.

    Realised he had said more than he intended to when asked again about the the probe, he replied: "You've already got under my radar."

    The inquiry is understood to have discovered that Diana's driver Henri Paul, 41 - who also died in the crash - worked for French intelligence.

    And it is said to have found evidence contradicting claims cameras inside the smash tunnel were not working.

    Lord Stevens - due to give his report to royal coroner Michael Burgess in the summer - has interviewed MI5 and MI6 chiefs who have handed over secret files on the deaths. He was also expected to quiz CIA, chief Michael Hayden, during his visit to London this month after US intelligence agencies admitted holding 1,050 documents about Diana, which reportedly reveal if she was pregnant.

    Lord Stevens and his 15-strong team have dismantled the black Mercedes death car but vital clues have been lost.

    Di's bodyguard Trevor Rees-Jones survived the crash but only has vague memories of events leading to it.

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    Default Re: Police found new clues about Princess Diana's death

    I like many other girls raised in a once British colony, watched Princess Dianas wedding and loved her.
    I watched a show that reconstructed the accident and found that the car who caused the accident may not have even known that they did. I can't remember too clearly but something about the curves in the tunnel and if the car hit them at a certain angle it would have caused Dis car to get out of control and the other car wouldn't have even known. Then there is the part where some people think they heard a bomb like sound and the documenters also recreated it and it all made sense, it really did. But hey, I like a conspiracy theory too.

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    Default Re: Police found new clues about Princess Diana's death

    It would be boring to think it was just another mistake on the road. Not an intentional conspiracy..............butI prefer to think it was just an accident.
    Jack I swear.

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