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Thread: Cops may charge Lohan's crash victim

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    Default Cops may charge Lohan's crash victim

    Los Angeles police are considering charging motorist Raymundo Ortega for making an illegal u-turn and causing the crash that sent Lindsay Lohan to hospital. Lohan ploughed her Mercedes Benz into Ortega's maroon van on Beverly Hills street Robertson Boulevard on Tuesday. Early reports suggested the actress/singer was speeding to avoid the paparazzi, but now police have turned the heat on Ortega, who was looking for a parking space when he was hit. However, the injured van driver insists he isn't to blame and Lohan should face charges for speeding. Speaking exclusively to TV news show Access Hollywood, he says, "She was driving really fast. She had to be going at least 75 miles an hour... She came out of nowhere; all she needed was wings for the car to fly." And now the driver, who depended on his vehicle for work, fears he'll be left destitute. He adds, "I'm a father of six kids and I depend on my job. I don't have my car because it's a luxury item. I have it because I need it, and now I'm left on foot walking without a car." Police insist Ortega's claims that Lohan was speeding are inaccurate - their investigation has revealed she was going no faster than 35 miles per hour.

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    Default we go. They're gonna face off in "The People's Court."

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    yeah, making an illegal u-turn into oncoming traffic totally leaves you blameless

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