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Thread: How Heather Mills McCartney got our goat

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    Default How Heather Mills McCartney got our goat


    It's Lady Mills McCartney's relentless attention-seeking - even in charity work - that so rankles, says Lesley Thomas.

    Triumph over a desperate childhood and disability, tireless charity work, good looks and marriage to a national icon - it should have been so easy for us to love her. But there is something about Heather Mills McCartney that has always irked.

    Even before she was accused of being a fantasist who had rewritten large parts of her history, before it was reported that she forced Paul McCartney to stop wearing the wedding ring of his late, beloved wife of 29 years Linda, we just couldn't warm to her.

    Whatever the X factor is, Heather has the opposite. Whatever she does, we are suspicious of the motive, even if it is helping to save baby seals.

    We all are sensitive to the misery of divorce and when children are involved - in this case, two-year-old Beatrice - it can only be heartbreaking. Yet why is it there is not even the faintest amount of pity for this newly single mother whose marriage has failed after just four years? Instead, there is a resounding cry of "Paul, we told you so!"

    To be fair to Heather, we were always going to treat her with suspicion. She was a pretty young woman who, after a whirlwind romance, married a sixty-something with 800 million in his wallet. Just like Mrs Merton, Caroline Aherne's spoof chat-show character, who once asked magician's wife Debbie McGee, "So, what attracted you to the millionaire Paul Daniels?", we saw only pound signs in Heather's eyes.

    Speculation and calculation about just how much the divorce of the century will net the model-turned-charity campaigner are rife. Could she get half of the massive McCartney fortune? Or will it be just 1 million for every week of marriage. Might she walk away with a mere 50 million no-strings quickie settlement?

    Although she no doubt enjoys the good life, money is not what Heather craves. Lady Mills McCartney, as Paul himself said yesterday, is no gold-digger. What Heather digs is attention. She is blatant about it and that is what rankles.

    Compare Heather's charity work with that of Linda McCartney. Linda campaigned for animal rights her entire adult life without attaching any glitz to her efforts. The second Mrs McCartney, who finds it easy to be passionate about everything from land-mines to mistreated dogs and the evils of dairy products, seems to have adopted a relentless "look at me" approach to her charitable work that is uncomfortable to watch.

    All Heather's acts of altruism seem to be more about Heather than anything else. On her official website, ostensibly a platform for her campaigns, there are gushing testimonials from friends and associates about what an incredible person Heather really is.

    "The public and particularly the press have very little idea of the amount of good work that Heather has done," says one. "The people who speak unkindly about Heather have all to some degree an ulterior motive, whether it stems from an imagined childhood wrong to wanting to sell a story to newspapers."

    It is curious that this contributor, along with the majority on the website, chooses not to give his or her name.

    Still, if you have no interest in Heather's personality, there are dozens of her favourite photographs of herself on the site. Here she is arching her back in a slinky golden goddess dress; there she is, looking ravishing in a strapless ball-gown. Then there is a more wholesome section, including Heather cuddling a dog or riding a bike (glamorously, with no helmet, mind). My favourite is among the feisty-campaigner selection, with Heather showing off perfect biceps in a red sleeveless "No more land-mines" T-shirt with co-ordinating scarlet lipstick and an expensive blow-dry.

    Then there is a black-and-white one of her resting her chin on her hands. Remind you of someone? It is just like the Patrick Demarchelier picture taken for Vogue of Diana, Princess of Wales. This, it has to be said, is another reason she gets the public goat. From Madonna to Victoria Beckham, many self-obsessed famous women believe they have a lot in common with Diana, but Heather's Diana-mimicry outdoes them all.

    The campaign to ban land-mines was pretty obscure until Diana drew attention to it. Who can forget those iconic pictures of the princess with children who had lost limbs? And who better to take her place? This, after all, was the woman who, after losing her leg in an accident, called tabloid editors from her hospital bed to sell her story about her ruined modelling career. (Incidentally, looking at her 1980s modelling portfolio, she was definitely more page three than catwalk.)

    In some ways, though, I admire Heather's chutzpah. She ran away from her home in Tyne and Wear at the age of 13 to join a funfair, there was a stint at topless modelling, work (allegedly) as an escort, a couple of jilted lovers, ectopic pregnancies, awful periods of abuse, homelessness and destitution and, of course, the horror of losing a limb. But, at some point, she crossed the line between plucky and downright brazen.

    Marriage to one of the most-renowned songwriters of the 20th century brought her the best kind of attention there is: a place on the A list. She mingled with statesmen and royalty, and went global. Heather's face has appeared everywhere from Vanity Fair magazine to CNN and she loved it. She loved it so much that, apparently, she began to resent the fact that her husband still got more attention than she did.

    She seemed almost proud of her claim that she didn't know many Beatles hits and refused to tour with Paul in America last year. Naturally, this didn't endear her to the millions of Beatles fans around the world.

    Like the rest of us, they had tried at first to be happy for Paul. He had had a miserable time after Linda died and was lonely and, although his young wife had been branded "a fruitcake" by some of those who knew her, at least he was having fun.

    But it wasn't long before he started to look a bit of an old fool, mesmerised by what have been described in one Vanity Fair profile as Heather's "erotic wiles". Her sartorial makeover of Paul, which involved dyeing his hair (badly) and styling him in the manner of a children's Gap window display, didn't help either of their public images.

    According to his friends, it was her criticism and nagging that pushed him over the edge - a paradoxical accusation for a woman who, in her new self-help book, Life Balance, to be published next week, gives us her tips for "spiritual, physical and emotional" happiness.

    Although it is hardly unusual for children to be enthusiastic about a stepmother, the silence from Paul McCartney's three children from his first marriage has been deafening. Fashion designer Stella, in particular, has done little to hide her disapproval of Heather. At the Live8 concert last year, she very publicly moved away from Heather, not wanting to talk to her father in his wife's presence and also ensuring there were no happy-family photo opportunities.

    Few, it seems, have a good word to say for her. Geoff Baker, Paul McCartney's long-standing press officer, was dismissed last year, reportedly at Heather's instigation after falling out with her. At the time, Baker would say nothing on the subject, but his next move spoke volumes. He took a job as an editor of a golfing magazine and chose for the cover of his first issue a nude Heather McCartney lookalike with a golf ball resting on her cleavage.

    It is possible that HM - another of her monikers - didn't mind a bit. After all, a cover is a cover.

    Scariest Halloween mask ever > > >

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    Default Re: How Heather Mills McCartney got our goat

    hmm. Nice. Skank-a-doodle-doo!
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    Default Re: How Heather Mills McCartney got our goat

    No surprise. If only Paul would have listened to us.
    If I can't be a good example, then let me be a horrible warning.

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    Default Re: How Heather Mills McCartney got our goat

    I never thought she was a golddigger, just a bitch. Why not fall in love with PMc? I'm sure he courted her in a lovely, old fashioned gentlemanly way. But a bitch is a bitch and that's not a word I use lightly.

    What Paul needs to do eventually is to find a woman a little closer to his age who already has children. We all know he's not going to date a 60 year old woman. He doesn't have to, but maybe late 40's? Robert Redford's girlfriend is in her late 40's and they've been together for about 10 years.

    And does she get to keep the Lady McCartney? Probably so.

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    Default Re: How Heather Mills McCartney got our goat

    I think she is in love with herself to the point of delusion, and that she honestly thinks she has a right to be as famous as Paul. I'm sure she was harsh and critical -- after all, he probably tried to pop her bubble a few times and reality is always so very unpleasant.

    As are people like her.

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    Default Re: How Heather Mills McCartney got our goat

    I don't understand why she thinks she should be as famous as Paul. She must have an ego the size of the Titanic. I thought it was interesting the article mentioned that Linda McCartney did plenty of charity work, too, but with no glitz or fanfare. I really hope Paul can find a more pleasant woman to spend his time with, once he gets this divorce behind him.

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