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Thread: Christina Aguilera praises Kelly Clarkson

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    Default Christina Aguilera praises Kelly Clarkson

    "Christina Aguilera praises Kelly Clarkson"

    Christina Aguilera on the June cover of GQ magazine.
    Photo by Michael Thompson

    Christina Aguilera is planning to tour jazz clubs to promote Back to Basics, GQ's June cover story reveals. And to hear Etta James a blues legend who calls Aguilera both a friend and "a great little singer" -
    tell it, the young vocalist will have no problem holding her own in places such as New York's renowned Blue Note. "She's headed for the pop market, but she can do everything," James told GQ. "She's like somebody that was born at another time. An old soul." Like James, Aguilera has supportive words for singers who have come after her. "I think Kelly Clarkson has a really powerful voice," she said. "She's really good." ...

    Source : MTV News

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    Default Re: Christina Aguilera praises Kelly Clarkson

    That's a nice pic of her to be honest. I must admit to liking a few Kelly songs myself.

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    Default Re: Christina Aguilera praises Kelly Clarkson

    No mention of Britney's enormous talent in the article?

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