Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey Divorce Turning Ugly? By Cathy Beers
May 15, 2006 They may not be Charlie and Denise, but one published report claims that the divorce proceedings between Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey may be turning ugly. The reason - according to the report - Nick is strapped for cash and needs money.
Jessica in no hurry to divorce?
Patricia Towle is reporting that Jessica is refusing to turn the cash over quickly and the one-time reasonable split is turning into a war.
In fact the Enquirer author reports that Nick is so desperate for dough that he's willing to take a 40/60 split instead of the usual community property division in California of 50/50 if his former wife will settle.
But Jessica is in no hurry the magazine reports because of the pending lawsuits against her.
"Nick is so worried that he's asked his lawyer to set up an emergency meeting with Jessica's attorney for some time this month to resolve this quickly," an insider revealed to the weekly tabloid. But - "Jessica's stalling because she knows that the lawsuits filed against her could be a problem."
"The divorce war is on and reality has set in for Nick - he's sweating bullets," a friend of Jess's reportedly the magazine.
Remember - the couple has no prenuptial agreement - and though Nick was the bigger star when he married Jess, she has now become the big earner with movie and record deals and more importantly huge endorsement contracts.
One insider even claims, "Nick's moaning that if he doesn't settle by the end of the summer he could be in financial ruin."
--Cathy Beers

National Ledger