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Thread: Kylie Minogue speaks the truth. The tabloids are lying

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    Default Kylie Minogue speaks the truth. The tabloids are lying


    Singer KYLIE MINOGUE has denied claims she is seeking holistic treatment to help her beat cancer, and reassures fans she is "in good spirits" and "as healthy as can be expected".

    The British press this week (begs17OCT05) claimed Minogue is struggling in her fight with breast cancer, has lost a lot of weight and has consulted a leading expert on alternative medicine in London to help her cope with punishing chemotherapy treatment.

    But the 37-year-old Australian star has released a statement urging fans to ignore stories about her.

    It reads, "Despite the wealth of rumours to the contrary, Kylie is in good spirits and is as healthy as can be expected whilst undergoing her treatment regime in Paris.

    "She has asked her fans please not to believe stories of dramatic weight loss and desperate searches for alternative therapy.

    "Kylie has made it clear to her representatives that she doesn't want fellow sufferers to be misguided by the false stories regarding her condition and her choice of doctors."

    Contact music.

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    Why is seeking alternative treatment "desperate?" Can't she do both?

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    I heard the rumour --
    and this is a tacky one --
    that a certain B/C-list celeb singer from Down Under
    falsely claimed to be undergoing "emergency" breast
    cancer surgery to cover a botched boob-job.

    Imagine if that were true...

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    Ew...That would make Kylie like Brigitte Nielsen or Victoria Gotti.


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