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Thread: Isabella Rossellini causes an outcry with her new movie

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    Default Isabella Rossellini causes an outcry with her new movie

    Italian star ISABELLA ROSSELLINI has caused an outcry with a new movie to mark the 100th anniversary of her father ROBERTO's birth - depicting the legendary director as a giant naked stomach. The 53-year-old actress has been attacked for the avant-garde short, entitled MY DAD IS 100 YEARS OLD, by her twin sister ISOTTA - who insists the movie trivialises their father's impressive screen legacy. She says, "It is very hurtful. It is Father's 100th anniversary - we should have celebrated his films and his work. "Instead, in film festivals around the world, he is being remembered by this film, which is nothing to do with him. "I wish I didn't have to speak out but I do. It trivialises. It is so far from him and his I am hurt by it. "(Isabella) has made a big mistake... she claims this unique authority, that she has the last word on Father. That isn't right."

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    Default Re: Isabella Rossellini causes an outcry with her new movie

    I have absoluely no idea what that story means or who those people are, but being depicted as a giant naked tummy (wtf?) doesn't sound too great to me either

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